ZYCKE – New “Quartz-Look” Floor Additive for seamless flooring

When Chips Unlimited was recently tasked to coat Golden State Medical Supply’s 20,000 square foot floor in a single day, they new it would be the perfect chance to try out their new patent-pending decorative flooring additive. Their secret weapon called ZYCKE provides a quartz broadcast appearance in a monolithic resin-based seamless floor coating. What makes ZYCKE so amazing is how quickly this resulting floor coating can be applied. ZYCKE is it’s designed to be applied in a single coat – without sanding – over primer base! The resulting finish is a durable protective floor coating with a beautiful granite “quartz-look” finish. The ZYCKE additive, unlike quartz, remains suspended throughout the resin rather than settling on the bottom.

To pull off a project this size, Chips Unlimited turned to the experienced installers of Venture Specialty Products & Services of Farmington Hills, Michigan. Venture has an elite installation team with the experience of completing large jobs at remote job sites. Using a Blast Pro G16 centrifugal blaster and hand grinders, they first prepared the surface of the floor to a 40 -60 grit profile and filled the cracks with a 2-part 100% solids epoxy filler. Next they applied a primer base coat, followed by a single layer of colored AIFlooring resin with the ZYCKE additive mixed in. The application went down with ease, using V-notched rakes and a simple back-rolling to install the material. The resulting finish is 50-60 mils. (1.27mm-1.52mm) thick with the chip admixture settling evenly throughout the resin. No additional work was required.

The beauty of the ZYCKE additive is it settles just enough, without floating on top, to leave a smooth sheen wear surface. It’s almost like having a built-in clear coat system that can be sanded and clear-coated as needed in the future to restore the original luster. This seamless flooring system provides an attractive, durable surface that will last for many years.

The usual method to creating a similar looking floor requires a double-broadcast method and more than twice the installation time. Double-broadcast involves a primer coat, followed by and epoxy coat, with quartz broadcast on top of the resin. After this first resin coat cures, a second coat of resin is applied with yet another quartz broadcast. A third protective top coat of resin finishes the surface. With ZYCKE, only the primer coat followed by a resin coat containing the ZYCKE additive is required. If you’re a professional installer, you will clearly see the advantage of the ZYCKE system. A complete garage floor can be completed in a single day, or larger commercial floors in just a few days (1 day of prep, 1 day of installation).

ZYCKE is available only through authorized distributors.

Here’s a time-lapse video of the ZYCKE Golden State installation.


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