Paint Roller Tips for Epoxy Floor Coatings

When coating a garage floor with epoxy, polyurea, or polyurethane coatings, it is important to consider the size, nap, and type of paint roller require for the job. 

Size MattersPaint Roller

Epoxy coatings have a short working time, requiring inexperienced applicators less time to apply the material than they may be comfortable with.  With this in mind, coating a large garage floor area with a standard 9” roller will take twice as long as the slightly more expensive 18” roller.

Roller Nap 

When applying the base/primer coat of material, a 3/8” nap roller may be used.  However, our experience has proved that either a 1/4” inch nap or 5/16” is most appropriate.  Using a heavy nap roller for applying epoxy or urethane top coats may introduce air in the coating, which will then bubble to the surface during curing.  These bubbles may or may not pop, but either way they will make a mess of the final finish and look bad.


To keep fuzz and lint from appearing in your coating, you should use some vinyl tape to de-shed your rollers.  I find 2” packaging tape works well.  Simply roll the roller over the adhesive side of the tape to lift the lint from the roller.

Roller Type

When using Polyurea  or urethane coatings,  be sure to use a roller with a solvent resistant core.  The roller will simply melt and fall apart if you don’t use this tip.  Hope these tips save you some aggravation when coating your floor.

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