You may be wondering if a micro-topping can be used to repair a garage floor.  Why yes it can!  Micro-toppings can repair surface imperfections and provide a clean canvas for acid staining or other concrete coatings.   A high density micro-topping can be used in the garage for a floor that’s really damaged with lots of pits in the floor.   You can even get creative with to make it look like stone or brick by stamping it.  Stamps can be rent at many of the decorative concrete supply houses.   However, an average person probably shouldn’t tackle this project due the complexity of lining the stamps up to make it appear natural.  Professional installation is double or triple the cost than a typical epoxy flooring.  It is a more decorative look and unique and I’ve even seen stamped concrete flooring that simulates real wood. 

Here’s a great video on how to apply a micro topic and the tools that are needed.

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