Concrete Countertop with Concrete Boost

Ready Mix Concrete Boost available for small batch mixes

Concrete BOOST! is a concrete booster that makes concrete cure stronger with waterproof properties like never before.  Offered by SUPER-KRETE® International, Inc. Concrete BOOST! is available in stores now.

SUPER-KRETE® International, Inc. President Tracey Lackovich says Concrete BOOST! is made to be mixed in with any Portland cement-based material for small batch uses such as counter tops.  This additive is a version of Super-Krete International, Inc. Pene-Krete® Additive that is popular for customers mixing higher volumes experiencing better results in waterproofing, strength and workability. 

Concrete Countertop with Concrete BoostConcrete BOOST! big advantage is it’s resistance to shrinkage and cracking,  even during a pour in windy and hot weather conditions. Menard home improvement stores have already signed on to offering Concrete BOOST! in their Midwestern stores at the checkout counter level.  This will allow Menard’s to provide personal attention to recommend the product at the point of purchasae to customers buying one plus sacks of ready-mix concrete.

The Concrete BOOST! additive is made to simply add to ready-mix bags of concrete up to 90 lbs in weight.  Just a single bottle to a sack of ready-mix concrete and Concrete BOOST! improves the concrete matrix,  improving the workability, increasing strength (up to 23 percent), providing waterproofing properties to the concrete, and reducing shrinkage and cracks.  There are many benefits to concrete treated with Concrete BOOST! including resistance to water damage and freeze/thaw damage by providing a significant reduction in permeability.  Radon, efflorescence, and chloride ion intrusion is also reduced or eliminated.  An especially welcomed benefit to installers of concrete counter tops is the addditive helps keep the slab from curling that can occur during the curing process.

You can purchase Concrete BOOST! through SUPER-KRETE’s installer network and their Authorized distribution partners right now or by giving Super-Krete a call at 800.995.1716.

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