2 and 4 Post Garage Lift Reviews

Every car enthusiast should intend about buying a 2 post lift to work on their car.

It can be used in the garage and used for working on cars that need to be maintained. This car lift is used to lift a vehicle to several feet from the desktop so that the mechanic can get adequate lieu below to do what he needs.

If you didn’t know already, there are many types of car lifts available- some of them have two posts while some have four.Here are the differences between them,

will need the least ball over space compared to other types of lift, whereas 4 post lifts will take a lower case more of space since it has 4 posts, each of which requires a unchanging base.

A one-third type of lift is termed a scissor lift, and while this takes up even less space than either of the two preciously mentioned lifts, it is not able as easy to use.

Height: If the cap of your garage is low, then the only way is to use scissor lift. Its average height is about 60 inches. The other kinds of lifts need about 12 feet. You may sometimes be able to get a 2 post lift that requires less height.

Ease of use: The 4 post lift and scissor can be moved from one place to another with little difficultness.

However, you cannot move a 2 post lift because it has to be connected to the floor. When you use a two post lift you can easily get to the wheels of the vehicle whereas with others you need to have the jacks and axle stands to lift the car. But if you want to use it as a raised storage then the 4 post one is the best choice.

Price: A scissor lift costs about $1000, the 2 post lift about $2000 and for the 4 post lift about $3000.

Take into account all these factors and decide which one will do the best for you. If you think floor space is very important then consider a 2 post auto lift. If your budget matters then it would be best to go for the scissor type lift.

imagine that buying a car lift is a huge investment, but if you work on your car or vehicle regularly then it can really save you time. Since time is money, think of one as being a sound investment!

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